HAKT Radio

Near Demand Audio

Near Demand Audio

HAKT Radio is different than Spotify, Pandora or AppleMusic. HAKT Radio provides a Near Demand Audio experience.

Can't shake Fetty Wap's Trap Queen tune from your head? Want it now? A handful of HAKT Radio's near 100,000 radio stations are playing your jam right now. The second you seek it, whether its Old school, EDM or Country, HAKT Radio takes the radio song from the air, to your ear —thanks to our near demand platform of radio stations – it's all the best curated music, from everywhere, to you now.

The term for this is Near Demand Audio.

Seeking highly-trending tunes gets you lots of listening options in the queue. When you select a song to listen to, HAKT Radio pulls together a list of stations currently playing the requested song and provides you with the best version available - taking into account how recently the song started as well as sound quality provided by the source station.

Let's say you want to go old school classic country. Searching for Patsy Cline's Crazy will likely return fewer results. Conversely, if you search for Taylor Swift's Style, you're likely to have a whole lot of options. If you search for a song or artist that isn't in play at that moment, the HAKT Radio Near Demand Audio experience gives you a list of Related Songs that you can choose to hear.

Good news is you're going to find a heap of classics in the same genre that simply would not have been available to find so quickly before. HAKT Radio ’s Near Demand Audio opens up world radio options unlike any other app or service - and get this; it's free!