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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HAKT Radio?

Think of HAKT Radio as Internet Broadcast Radio, or what we refer to as Near Demand Audio.

Forget about the frustrating scan and seek buttons on standard and satellite radio, or Googling by city, station or callsign. You don't need to go to the website of some big media monster to hear your favorite song or station. Streaming songs by AM/FM simulcasters and net-only radio stations can now be found and listened to easily in one place.

HAKT Radio uses a powerful radio centric search engine, which continuosly indexes and catalogs nearly 100,000 radio stations throughout the world. Search for a song or artist, and HAKT Radio looks into its vast database to find a station somewhere in the world that is playing that specific song right now.

Click on the song, and HAKT Radio connects you directly to the radio station playing the most current version of your song. Once connected to a station, enjoy additional songs and programming curated by the DJ and station. Or, when you're ready, just click on another song, station or playlist until you find something you like.

What does HAKT Radio do that other internet radio providers don't?

Over time, users realize just how immediate and comprehensive the HAKT Radio experience is. Users also see that the HAKT Radio library of music and stations is more extensive than offerings from some other internet radio providers.

One of the first obvious difference is that HAKT Radio gives you unlimited skips as compared to at least one other provider that currently limits you to six skips per station-hour. But HAKT Radio goes beyond satisfying a restless skip finger. As a discovery environment, HAKT Radio goes beyond music discovery to station discovery. HAKT Radio can draw you into the flow of a DJ or station, and then let you bookmark the station so that you can easily enjoy it later.

HAKT Radio exposes you to stations and DJs from all over the world. HAKT Radio users say that it's always an odd, but fun experience listening to Lil Wayne on a station in Johannesburg, South Africa, or having one of his songs lead to Korean rapper Keith Ape singing his hit "IT G MA" on Radio Saigon.

How can I use HAKT Radio?

There are currently two (2) ways to use HAKT Radio:

  1. PC Program: You can install a safe, lightweight program on your Windows PC to give you an image and automation rich way to discover and listen to your favorite and new music and stations.
  2. iOS App: You can download and install an app to your iPhone or iPad for a rich mobile experience to enjoy your music and stations.

Other than installing the program or the App, what do I need to do to start using HAKT Radio?

Nothing, it's free to use! Keep your credit card in your pocket. No credit card or PayPal account is needed.

How can you offer HAKT Radio for free?

The audio sources are entirely furnished by other music licensors — AM/FM simulcasters and net-only (pureplay) radio stations. Radio stations share what they are playing via their websites. We curate all that goodness and bring it you free of charge.

Aren't you screwing the musicians and publishers by not paying them royalties?

Other music licensors — AM/FM simulcasters and net-only (pureplay) radio stations pay the royalties. HAKT Radio increases exposure of the musicians, songwriters, and stations at no cost to them.

How much will this eat up on my Mobile Data Plan?

If you listen to HAKT Radio 2 hours a day, you'd probably use about 3.5 Gigabytes in a month. Since stations usually stream at rates of 128 to 320 Kilobytes per second. Most mobile phone operators have calculators to help you figure out how much data you might use in a month. Click here to see a calculator from Verizon Wireless.

Why don’t songs start at the beginning?

To let you listen to the song you choose, HAKT Radio connects you to a radio station somewhere in the world that is playing that song right now. HAKT Radio connects you with a stream that is in progress. Most popular songs start playing within a few seconds of the song start. But since you're selecting a song that is live, sometimes the song might be in the middle or just ending.

What exactly gets installed on my computer?

All of the files for HAKT Radio are installed in the standard program file location. Included in those files is a un-installer that is also registered to appear in your computer's 'Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs' section. There are also a few registry settings added to your Windows Registry that are required for the normal operation of HAKT Radio.

If I don't like it, is it easy to uninstall?

Yes, we strive to make uninstalling HAKT Radio as easy as possible. If you don't like HAKT Radio, you can uninstall very easily.
Follow the steps on the uninstall page.

Top Lists and Genres

How are Top Lists calculated

Top Lists like HAKT Radio Top 30 and Top Hit Music are calculated using actual user listening behavior. Activity is cataloged and then lists are created.

How often are the Lists updated?

Lists are updated every 24 hours.

Can you pay to improve position on a List?

No. The Lists are determined by actual user behavior and are not adjusted by a human.

I want to create a new Genre. How do I add a new Genre?

We are open to adding new Genres when it makes sense. Please send email to support@haktradio.com with the Genre you would like to see added, and we'll review it.

Station Owners and Producers

Can you remove my show or station from HAKT Radio?

HAKT Radio respects the intellectual property of others. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) provides recourse for copyright owners who believe that material appearing on the Internet infringes their rights under United States copyright law. If you believe in good faith that materials listed on HAKT Radio infringe your copyright, may send email us to request that the material be removed, or access to it blocked. You can email the required information to support@haktradio.com.

Sounds awesome! But, I have some more questions.

We'd love to help. For questions, comments or support, we provide the following options:

Email: support@haktradio.com

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