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Free Internet Broadcast Radio from HAKT Radio
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HAKT Radio is a free internet broadcast radio service. It’s easy to drop-in on nearly any broadcast radio station — a simple search yields you real-time content from your favorite artists, songs and stations. Your songs are playing now on HAKT Radio.

Want to hear your favorite song or artist? Right now on radio? HAKT Radio connects you to your picks — no cost, no wait and no ads — HAKT Radio plugs you into a global hub of streaming radio stations. HAKT Radio is playing what you want to hear now.

It’s simple. You pick the song or artist and HAKT Radio finds all the places where it’s playing right now. No wait, no cost and no ads to get in the way of your jam.
You’re at the controls of the world's largest collection of broadcast radio content. Search, seek or chill. Command your content with HAKT Radio. Discover new music or just Zen-out to your favorites.
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